MMM is an organizational unit in the field of “Computational & Data Sciences” where mathematical modeling and “data driven” numerical algorithms help to implement efficient computer simulations for (quantum) physics.

Models range from kinetic equations (Vlasov- Boltzmann equations), hydrodynamics to Maxwell, Schrödinger equations,…, LLG equations, spintronics…

We develop state-of-the-art methods in “molecular dynamics”, “multiscale techniques”, “model hierarchies”, “model reduction”, “low rank tensor approximations”, “data driven models”, “neural networks”, “deep/machine learning”, “optimal control theory” ,…

The core team of the platform works in (micro)magnetism, (soft) (quantum) materials, semiconductors, fermionic/bosonic many body systems.

The platform is an open structure, reaching out to all applied mathematicians and experimental/theoretical physicists/chemists at UniWien interested in the above mentioned methods and applications.

E.g understanding magnetic soft materials under the influence of external fields is crucial for various applications including the medical treatment of hyperthermia that is aimed to be used for cancer treatments. 


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